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"Laura Rauh... is terrific." - Chicago Tribune

"The leads in this show are phenomenal... " - The Cleveland Sun 

"...side-splittingly funny." - The Observer

Describe The Night​:


... "the over-all effect is a fascinating. The cast form a unified unit. Each develops their characters effectively."
        -full review by Broadway World.
... "there are exceptional performances plus a rich and bounteous tale that speaks volumes today."
        -full review by Cleveland Scene.
The River:

... "The acting is totally natural, which each performance being of a real, fleshed out person.  No acting... just being."

       -full review by Cleveland Critic Roy Berko

... "Ensemble Theatre’s ‘The River’ will grab you...hook, line and sinker"

       -full review by Cleveland Critic Mark Horning  

... "Laura Rauh is funny and candid as The Other Woman"

          -full review by Cleveland Scene

King Henry VIII:
... "The leads in this show are phenomenal... Rauh walks the line of gracious but aggrieved with dexterity."
          -full review by Cleveland Sun News.
... "Statuesque and blond, Rauh moves with a regal grace befitting a queen."
          -full review by Cleveland Plain Dealer.
... "Laura Rauh gives the character of Katherine a wonderful balance of strength and sadness, as she holds her head high with grace through tears in her marital end with Henry VIII."
          -full review by The Examiner.
Cold Cold Feet:
... "The entire ensemble adds to the punch line with deadpan deliveries and slapstick timing... Rauh plays it perfectly dim-witted."
          -full review by Chicago Theatre Blog.
... "The cast’s crisp performances avoid shrillness and even, on occasion, transcend stereotype... This is especially impressive in the women."
          -full review by Time Out Chicago.

... "Unmistakable ring of honesty in Blessing's writing and in the powerful, unsentimental performances of the four actresses."    
          -full review by Chicago Stage.
... "Kess is played by Laura Rauh, who beautifully crafts her character's thoughtful response to the tangled nature of the situation."    
          -full review by North Shore Review.
... "Blessing’s well developed characters and masterful storytelling illuminate the challenges women face in their efforts to understand and support each other while also trying to maintain their independence and lead their own lives."    
          -summary by Gazebo News.

Messiah on the Frigidaire:
... "As Betsy, Rauh never goes overboard with the fun and friendly sluttiness—just enough to make her casual and comfortable in her own skin."    
          -full review by Chicago Theatre.
... "Cast zealously realize its delicate balance between the hilarity of flamboyant religious showmanship and the loneliness of true dark nights of the soul."    
          -full review by Chicago Theatre Blog.
... "Features honest, engaging performances."
           -full review by Chicago Reader.
... "The stuff of real life."    
           -full review by Chicago Tribune.
... "Echoed by honest and contemplative performances from the cast for this Hubris Theatre production."    
          -full review by Windy City Times.
... "Rauh's warmth and Sjolholm sincerity prove their saving graces."    
          -full review by Centerstage.


The Maids:
... "As older sister Solange, Laura Rauh has an appropriately dark timber to her voice, as well as beautifully seductive eyes that have a way of maniacally fixating on softer-spoken and more delicate Claire."
           -full review by New City Stage.


... "Succeeds as a virtuoso display of theatrical technique."
           -full review by New City Stage.
... "Strike a nice balance between accessibility and heightened poetic language."
           -full review by Chicago Reader.

Auditions Tonight:
... "Laura Rauh's frightfully chirpy audition monitor/dance captain is terrific."
           -full review by Chicago Tribune.
... "High-spirited fun."
           -full review by Chicago Reader.


The Bald Soprano:
... "The ensemble of local talent made Charenton’s show side-splittingly funny... The monotonous cadence of Rauh’s voice in the “how curious” scene nearly brought the house down."
           -summary by The Observer.
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